The GOOD NIGHT’S INSTITUTE is a newly established institute of Hilding Anders Switzerland AG, which is set to act as a global expertise centre for the entire company in the future. Working in cooperation with independent, national and international institutes, we offer certified testing procedures, innovative and interdisciplinary research, and further training programmes and seminars.

Sleep Lab

Since Hilding Anders was founded in 1939, it has been our professed goal to understand sleep in all its complexity and individuality, and by doing so help our customers to achieve a restful night’s sleep. Thanks to our technical and innovative expertise, as well as our close collaboration with sleep researchers and the Zentrum für Arbeitsmedizin, Ergonomie und Hygiene (Centre for Occupational Health and Safety (AEH)) in Zurich, we understand that restful sleep depends on a whole range of important factors. The GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP LAB in Schänis will devote itself to studying this topic in detail and across many different countries in the future. It is also where our products will be tested and analysed against four key requirements, namely ergonomics, hygiene, bed climate and durability.

All testing procedures used in the GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP LAB fulfil the applicable European standards, and are verified and certified by AEH (the independent Centre for Occupational Health and Safety in Switzerland).

As Europe’s only manufacturer of mattresses and sleep systems, the GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP LAB provides us with an independently certified testing procedure that helps to make our product development stand out from the rest, enabling us to provide our retail partners with state-of-the-art innovations and advancements on a regular basis. We offer all the information necessary to provide any customer with tailored advice according to their individual requirements. As our philosophy says: “There is no such thing as a ‘best bed’ or ‘best mattress’. There is, however, a bed or a mattress that is perfectly suited to the needs of each individual customer!”


To allow the back to relax during the night, it must be possible for the sleep system to adapt effectively to the contours of the body. The GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP LAB tests comfort levels, body support and regeneration. The result is sleep systems that are perfectly tailored to individual requirements to ensure restful and comfortable sleep, day after day, night after night!


Good bed hygiene is important, not just for allergy sufferers, but also to ensure we start the day refreshed after a good night’s sleep. To help retain a mattress’ hygiene properties for as long as possible, we test anti-bacterial, anti-mould, anti-mite and anti-odour agents in the GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP LAB.

The result is cleanliness, freshness, and a comfortable bed climate however you sleep!


Ensuring the right temperature and a suitable climate beneath the duvet is one of basic requirements for restful and healthy sleep. We test the air permeability, moisture wicking and temperature regulation of all types of bed systems, helping to ensure the right climate in bed.


The quality and workmanship of all materials are important foundations for a good bed, and they complete the sleep system. We test the quality and workmanship of the components used and simulate continued wear through long-term use. Our aim is to ensure the best quality and functionality for many years.